Saturday, June 17, 2017

What To Say To Women To Turn Your Love Life Around

If you are never sure what to say to women to catch their interest and prove to them that you are worth their time, you have stumbled upon a great learning resource. Knowing what to say to women in a variety of situations will not only improve the number of dates you secure, but it can also lead to a fulfilling love life that brings you a lot of happiness.

Most men don’t know what to say to women, so don’t feel shy. Just jump in and learn so you can pass all those other men up in the dating game!

One Common Mistake

One common mistake that men make when they don’t know what to say to women is to give in to racing thoughts of worry. They feel put on the spot and unprepared and think they are going to be rejected before they even open their mouths. This of course puts them as a disadvantage and makes them sound nervous and strange when they do speak.

Believe it or not, there are men who know just what to say to women to get their attention. Their trick is not a blessing given at birth, but a security within themselves that allows them to feel at ease around other people. These men know what to say to women because they speak to women they would love to date in the same manner they would talk to anyone else.

The rest of the tips presented here will help you learn how to get to this point yourself. You want to ultimately be able to talk to a beautiful woman without the racing thoughts. It should be just like talking to your grandma or the next door neighbor.

Hide Your Interest

Women know when a man is trying to pick them up. They have heard all the pick-up lines and know when a man is trying to get their phone number. Further, they don’t respond to being approached in this manner.

Knowing what to say to a woman includes knowing what not to say. You have to avoid anything that sounds desperate or which she will easily read through. You don’t want her to know right off the bat that you are interested in her.

Men and women think a lot differently. While you would rather just throw it all on the line and see if she shares your interest, she would much rather dance around a bit. She wants to flirt. She wants to bat her eyes and flip her hair then watch you walk away while she wonders if you are interested. Leave her to wonder and you will get much further in the end.

Most men don’t know what to say to women because they don’t understand why they run away when they are open and forthright. This is because women don’t want open and forthright. They want romance, wonder and mystery. They want the long dance, the game, and then their reward.

Be Indecisive

Rather than stumbling for words awkwardly because you just don’t know what to say to women, try to act nonchalant as if you are not interested in her at all. Treat her as if she were anyone else you meet and leave her to wonder if you are really interested.

You should also give some cues that will tell her there is a chance you are interested. For instance, while talking casually you may lay a hand on her arm, pat her shoulder, or wipe a hair out off her cheek gently. These cues along with a nonchalant uninterested attitude are confusing to you, but they are mysterious and wonderful to her.

The absolute worst thing you can do is fumble around and reveal that you don’t know what to say to women! It’s better to pretend you don’t like her at all then to give that desperate, hopeless first impression.

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