Saturday, June 17, 2017

3 Tips on How To Get a Girlfriend

Anyone unfulfilled in their dating life should be seeking out tips on how to get a girlfriend.  It isn’t a sign of weakness to ask for help when it is needed. It’s a sign of strength and a sign of perseverance and determination. All of these qualities are very attractive to women, so just by seeking out these tips on how to get a girlfriend, you have made a brave step that will be rewarded with beautiful women and an active dating life.

There are some tips on how to get a girlfriend that most men never learn. You won’t be one of those men as we are about to give you those tips on how to get a girlfriend right now!

#1: Play Dirty or Don’t Play At All.

What do women say when they talk about what they are searching for in a man? If you haven’t talked to many women on this matter, let us fill you in real quick. Women say they want…

  1. A nice guy who respects their feelings.
  2. A stable guy who pulls out their chairs and listens to every word they say.
  3. A loving guy who has a strong bond with his own mother.

If you believe these are the things women really look for in a man, you desperately need these tips on how to get a girlfriend. These things are what girls have been told by their mothers that they should be looking for, but they are not the things women really look for in real life!

The men who attract beautiful women every day and do not need tips on how to get a girlfriend are the roughest, most disrespectful guys out there. They don’t care what their girl is crying about today and they aren’t going to give her everything that she wants.

If that sounds like a good way to get dumped, listen up: women eat it up! They line up to get time alone with these guys!

Obviously, if you want to compete you need to ditch the nice guy act and play dirty.

#2: Become Bosom Buddies With Rejection.

Even those guys with lines of women begging for their attention have struck out with a woman at least a few times. They will never admit it, but rest assured every man will be rejected at some point in his life. If you are reading up on your tips on how to get a girlfriend you will not feel defeated when it happens to you. You will feel thankful instead.

Why would you be thankful? You should rejoice in rejection because it means acceptance is one step closer to being found. The more ‘no’s’ you receive the higher your chances are of finding that magical yes.

Read up on your tips on how to get a girlfriend and hang in there!

#3:  Make Needy Your Nemesis.

If a woman has the slightest sense that you are desperate to land a girlfriend, she is going to turn on her high heels and run. If you are desperate and needy no one else wants you, and of course that tells her that she doesn’t want you either!

The beautiful women in the world have needy men approach them with desperation written all over their face every single day. They are tired of it and know exactly what it looks like. That means you need to be anything but needy!

Take these tips on how to get a girlfriend and start implementing them in your life today. Get ready to play dirty. Embrace rejection while spitting on needy behavior. You can do this!

What To Say To Women To Turn Your Love Life Around

If you are never sure what to say to women to catch their interest and prove to them that you are worth their time, you have stumbled upon a great learning resource. Knowing what to say to women in a variety of situations will not only improve the number of dates you secure, but it can also lead to a fulfilling love life that brings you a lot of happiness.

Most men don’t know what to say to women, so don’t feel shy. Just jump in and learn so you can pass all those other men up in the dating game!

One Common Mistake

One common mistake that men make when they don’t know what to say to women is to give in to racing thoughts of worry. They feel put on the spot and unprepared and think they are going to be rejected before they even open their mouths. This of course puts them as a disadvantage and makes them sound nervous and strange when they do speak.

Believe it or not, there are men who know just what to say to women to get their attention. Their trick is not a blessing given at birth, but a security within themselves that allows them to feel at ease around other people. These men know what to say to women because they speak to women they would love to date in the same manner they would talk to anyone else.

The rest of the tips presented here will help you learn how to get to this point yourself. You want to ultimately be able to talk to a beautiful woman without the racing thoughts. It should be just like talking to your grandma or the next door neighbor.

Hide Your Interest

Women know when a man is trying to pick them up. They have heard all the pick-up lines and know when a man is trying to get their phone number. Further, they don’t respond to being approached in this manner.

Knowing what to say to a woman includes knowing what not to say. You have to avoid anything that sounds desperate or which she will easily read through. You don’t want her to know right off the bat that you are interested in her.

Men and women think a lot differently. While you would rather just throw it all on the line and see if she shares your interest, she would much rather dance around a bit. She wants to flirt. She wants to bat her eyes and flip her hair then watch you walk away while she wonders if you are interested. Leave her to wonder and you will get much further in the end.

Most men don’t know what to say to women because they don’t understand why they run away when they are open and forthright. This is because women don’t want open and forthright. They want romance, wonder and mystery. They want the long dance, the game, and then their reward.

Be Indecisive

Rather than stumbling for words awkwardly because you just don’t know what to say to women, try to act nonchalant as if you are not interested in her at all. Treat her as if she were anyone else you meet and leave her to wonder if you are really interested.

You should also give some cues that will tell her there is a chance you are interested. For instance, while talking casually you may lay a hand on her arm, pat her shoulder, or wipe a hair out off her cheek gently. These cues along with a nonchalant uninterested attitude are confusing to you, but they are mysterious and wonderful to her.

The absolute worst thing you can do is fumble around and reveal that you don’t know what to say to women! It’s better to pretend you don’t like her at all then to give that desperate, hopeless first impression.

3 Essential Online Dating Tips for Men

Most of the online dating tips for men circulating today are quite useless. For instance, how many times have you read that you need to send her a message that is easy for her to reply to? This is a good tip, but it is also something you already know, right? You’re not going to send her a chapter from a physiology textbook and ask her to give an analysis. You know that you need to deliver something that she can actually respond to, but you probably don’t know the three online dating tips for men that will be revealed right here.

It is now estimated that as many as 90% of men who try online dating give up within a few months. They simply get discouraged from a lack of results. This doesn’t have to happen to you, so listen up to some of the best online dating tips for men ever to be presented free of charge.

Forget About Online Dating

Many online dating tips for men tell you how to carry out a relationship over the Internet, but this is probably not what you want. You don’t want an online girlfriend that you never see and can never touch! This is why you need to use the Internet to meet women but move the relationship to the real world as soon as you know you are interested.

A lot of times there may seem to be a connection online but once you meet in real life it evaporates instantly. You just wasted all of that time dating online and you got nothing out of it! This is why the best online dating tips for men will advise you to meet online but date in the real world.

Plus, many women do not put updated pictures in their profiles and tell bold lies online. You will find this out when they don’t show up to face-to-face meetings or seem unwilling to take the relationship offline. The best online dating tips for men will help you avoid these women so you waste no time.
You have to time everything perfectly when you are meeting women online. This is why you will find that many online dating tips for men recommend only sending email messages on the weekend.

Why? You may be driven to send ten messages in a single day and move on to a real date, but she isn’t likely to reciprocate your urgency.

You have to understand the life and thinking of a single woman to understand online dating tips for men like this one. During the week successful women are busy working and living their life. They aren’t open to distractions like email.

It is when they go out searching for men on the weekends that they come home frustrated and ready to throw in the towel and accept a life of loneliness. That is until they find your email, smile and give you a response.

Emailing Tips

There are just three very simple online dating tips for men when it comes to emailing:

Keep it short and sweet. Limit messages to about 100 words so she doesn’t think you have too much free time on your hands or find it boring and hit delete.

Be persistent. If you don’t hear back from your first message try again.
Choose every word carefully. You want to make yourself sound like a desirable, valuable person in the world.

You have to understand that most of the men women hear from online are obviously desperate to get connected with someone. They have struck out in their everyday life and are grasping at their last straw with online dating. The online dating tips for men they follow do not work for them and they will soon give up altogether.

You want to sound more casual, as if you couldn’t care less whether she actually responds or not. This will be refreshing and intriguing to most women.

The great thing about mastering online dating tips for men is that you can meet tons of great women, meet new friends, and never have to get dressed up and drag your friends out to some crazy bar. Just keep all of these online dating tips for men in mind so you can take those relationships into the real world quickly.