Monday, December 26, 2016

The wonderful world of ATV riding!

I love going quad riding with my family and my friends. it's relaxing and fun. There is more to it than just getting on an ATV and pushing the throttle. Behind it is a life style, a way of living. Either on a back mountain trail, or knee deep in the mud it is a hobby that will always keep ya entertained.

Be prepared to get wet 

Getting wet is something us quad riders like to call FUN. We enjoy hitting a stream or huge puddle full speed, and literally soaking ourselves, and if we can the person riding next to us well that's even better. It's not really a big deal because we are prepared for it. Any weather anytime is a motto to live by for a true quad rider. TaoTao ATV is recommended here. For more info about TaoTao, check this article :

Mud Bogging 

One of the best things to do with your brand new (super clean) ATV is to go mud bogging. Take that new monster out into the mud and see what she can do!! Throw a couple 360s in there and try and cover your onlookers in a blanket of the mucky stuff. If you get stuck don't worry most of the time people are more than happy to help you out, and if you spend that extra $150.00 you have the luxury of a winch. Just find the nearest tree and out you come.

It's not all fun and games 

not only could your fun utility be used for the greatest ride of your life, but maybe as a means to get the job done. I know my 600 pound sportsman 800 does more than play in the mud. I've used it to pull logs longer than a pickup truck. I've hoisted things 30 feet in the air, my bike has all types of purposes.

Girls like it too!! 

Some girls, like my girlfriend for example cringe at the thought of getting dirty. Well let me tell you, it took some begging and pleading for her to come along for a ride, but once she did she was hooked. She loves it, every time I go out she's right on the back with me. so guys if your girls not up to it, maybe giving her that extra nudge will push her over, or maybe push you in the dog house. Either way keep riding, and keep living. I know I am.


ATV's can be very dangerous machines if driven irresponsibly. They are very heavy and very fast. people have died riding, so please use a helmet, and protective gear. Be observant at all times. Drive with care, But most of all have fun.

tell me about your crazy riding stories